Growing The Limits Of transportation Macau

Perhaps Macau did not receive much positive news on a Chinese New Year vacation that just ended, but it seems to increase a lot.คา สิ โน สด Visits and occupancies in the hotel dropped well below expectations when COVID 19 issues and travel restrictions threatened to hamper the restoration of Macao’s annual celebration.คา ชี โน ifun55 But as CNY started to degenerate conditions for the city’s casinos, there would be a substantial increase in the increase in coronavirus controls.

Gaming observers indicate that at the conclusion of the CNY the GMR of Macao has been obtained. JP Morgan and Sanford C. Bernstein noticed the trend, while JP Morgan’s analysts observed: End demand in China for the New Year was quite dignified. GGR is estimated in the first 21 days of February at [725,000] and [34,5 million] dollars a day relative to [2 million dollars] over the last couple of months.


Each increasing trend was $58.25 billion dollars a day for the third week of February, twice as much for the first two weeks of the month. Bernstein analysts analysed the achievement of Macau in February and the brokerage was bullish about the region’s rebound. The analysts stated: “The Macau GGR increased significantly over the third week of February as a result of a new company in the final days of CNY vacation.” They forecast, however, that the monthly GGR will be much less than before February by 70%.

Note: “Hong kong will continue to suffer head winds in the first half of 2021, but in the second half we have seen considerable changes Since travel restrictions start to decrease.”

The projections are supported by recent developments in the field. China seems under control in the area, all of which are considered, and Macau believes that another outbreak is relatively low. This has completely eliminated the quarantine provisions for China as a whole, so all mainlanders are now allowed to visit the capital. It is only necessary that a negative COVID-19 test result is seen in the borders and that certain conditions can be met.


This year, however during CNY, trips to Hong Kong are up to 60% smaller than it was last year. Several establishments struggled for travellers. CNY was celebrated only prior to the great challenge of world coronavirus from 24 to January 30 2020. The year-on-year levels of annual hotel accommodation declined 4.6%, to an aggregate von 48.3%, with community visits totalling 90.615% in the CNY segment from 11 to 17 February. This was 65.3% less than the previous years’ service.

While the authorities have already better tried to create a regular environment for passengers, the CNY era was not supposed to become very successful. A sharp rise in COVID-19 in mainland China just exacerbated an unpredictable situation by the end of January, when the warning against planning for any trip was not helpful. In recent weeks, it was just the illegal side of Hong Kong that was more interested in the casino performance.