The Fourth Licence Competition For National Lottery Launched

Today, 28 August, the Gambling Commission opened the fourth lottery licence race.It is one of the biggest lots in the world and is set to expire in 2023 under the new (three) licence. ทางเข้า sbobet Global late performers have collectively earned over £41 billion for 565,000 positive purposes in the UK since its inception in 1994, transforming life and adding to the arts, sports, heritage and neighbourhoods. sbobet

In the next licence, a system is developed which maximises players’ opportunity, good reasons for benefiting from innovation and imagination, while maintaining the unique status of the National Lottery.Legal Sports Betting: 4 Strategies for Casino Marketing Teams

The fourth licence primary changes include:

  • A ten-year fixed licence – a fixed term will mean that the licensee has a consistent performance expenditure preparation cycle – based on the recent popularity of the National Lottery, a new licence would allow more stability to optimise the returns to good cause, along with the promise of a safe and fair play reward mechanism.
  • The licensee will be obliged to promote closer contact with the national lottery distributor financing to further improve the bond between the brand National Lottery, its actors and good reasons. All has a good cause protecting the brand.
  • The Commission launched a comprehensive global market involvement initiative in 2018 with the aim of hearing from companies and investors involved in the potential of the NL.

Stakeholders are invited to participate in the first organised competition stage today. Applicants who pass through this phase receive a Request for Application (ITA) and supporting documentation to begin their application preparation.September 2021 is announced as the chosen nominee.Sports Betting Vs Casino Games: Which Comes Out Better Online?


Today, the 4th National Lottery License competition starts.” Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the Gaming Commission, said. It has made an unprecedently important contribution to societies in the UK over the last quarter of a century and has changed millions of lives.

Global Lottery is a treasure house. It is renowned for offering great games and a high level of safety for players and has a long tradition of awards and good causes. We remain committed to protecting and building on the national lottery reputation.

We are changing our approach to legislation for the fourth licence to draw on the huge achievements of the National Lottery. We expect the next licensee to have greater self-reliability in accordance with our result-oriented approach to policy in 2023 and beyond to satisfy the demands of players while ensuring that the success of the national lottery remains clearly accountable.

Changes to approach

We were motivated by healthy interests from multiple parties during our industry participation and are looking forward to undertaking a competitive process.”

Nigel Huddleston, Minister for Leisure, Tourism and Heritage said: “The National Lottery has a positive effect on communities in the UK, funding tens of thousands of good causes and the areas that enhance our lives, including the arts, music, heritage and sport. The fourth race will ensure the future of the National Lottery in combination with life-changing awards for safe play. It would continue to raise millions of pounds in villages and cities to support the life of people.